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» » » » » The Dirty Boxing Match Saga goes on-- Sunita Godara's Views Report: Deepak Sharma Kuluvi (Press Reporter)

The Dirty Boxing Match Saga goes on-- Sunita Godara's Views

Report: Deepak Sharma Kuluvi (Press Reporter)

The Dirty Boxing Match Saga goes on

All political parties should have been on the same page with us from the beginning of this anti corruption movement. This has not happened. Congress has chosen to be the opponent and it became a boxing match. The boxing bout between “US versus Congress” has been going on for many months.

This boxing bout has been perverted into a ‘free for all’ as congress has been repeatedly ‘hitting below the belt’. Congress is continuously playing foul. We are playing clean.

We must remember that the public is watching all this. Public is in our side - that’s our strength and oxygen that has kept us going on.

Corruption has been hitting the people unremittingly/ mercilessly and therefore People will stay with this movement. We must keep our guard up and keep attacking. We are continuously winning on points. They are trying hard to knock us (and the movement) out through ‘foul or fair’. We must not let that happen!

We must continue to fight this match which has become a brawl. We must keep throwing a combination of punches intelligently to hit. The acid test of their coming on the same page regarding this Anti-corruption Campaign is whether the congress puts up a “strong Lokpal bill” to the Parliament in the winter session for voting or not? Once put to vote, the ball will go the other parties whose performance shall be put to test. Let’s see what happens.

Till then this ongoing boxing match with Congress must continue as we have no choice. Sara! Sara!


Sunita Godara

Asian Marathon Champion 1992

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पुरानी पोस्ट

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